Coming off another week with the country's number one album, it's safe to say that Logic's been killing the game. The man who brought us Everybody sat down with Hard Knock TV for an in depth conversation, in which the rapper opens up about his friendship with J Cole. "The reason I never talk about it is because I didn't want to be the 'lil homie' in the public eye," says Logic. "But now I'm not, I'm me, I'm Logic." 

Logic enthusiastically reminisces about begging his A&R to introduce him to Cole ("that's my fuckin' hero, that's my idol!"), and shares the fanboy moment he experienced while first meeting the Forest Hills Drive rapper during a studio session. Logic has nothing but kind words for Cole, and fans will surely enjoy seeing Logic geek out over meeting an idol. It's actually an insightful conversation, with Logic holding nothing back. 

Check the full interview below. It's a great watch, even if you aren't a fan.