You know he brought out Bobby for this one. While the entire West Coast seems to be loading up munitions against Kanye West, Logic's inherent pacifism has worked wonders. It would appear that the new bachelor is continuing to make his mark on Western soil; not only did he recently cop a lavish pad in Hidden Hills, but now, he's collaborating with one of the region's key players - YG. As it happens, YG has been keeping busy of late, preparing the release of his upcoming Stay Dangerous album, which should be surfacing in the imminent future. Now, he's crossing paths with the one they call Bobby, and it sounds like the results are looking up.

"Me and @yg made a banger," writes Logic, via Instagram, while throwing his middle finger up like Slim Shady circa 99. On that note, one can't help but wonder if we're in the middle of Logic evolution, not unlike Magikarp evolving to Gyrados. Since initiating the split from ex-wife Jessica Andrea, Logic has purchased a bachelor pad, worked in a fitness regiment, and has taken to flipping the bird in promotional photos. Perhaps Bobby Tarantino is reaching his final form; who knows if the world is ready for single Logic. Wild oats must be sown, as it were.

Either way, it's cool to see the rapper continue to hustle. It's not clear when this banger will surface, but we won't be able to miss it when it does.