People are quickly turning on Silas, an up-and-coming rapper out of Maryland. After being signed to Logic's Bobby Boy Records, it looked like things would be smooth sailing for Silas but now, a good number of his fans are reconsidering their support after it was revealed that he has allegedly been preying on underage girls.

Several young girls have come forward to accuse Silas of creeping on them. One of them posted a screen-recorded video of their conversation on the app VSCO, which shows Silas allegedly asking for private photos, despite her only being 15-years-old at the time. 

Another girl came forward to speak of her own experience, detailing that she was 16-years-old when he asked for thirst traps and sent videos of himself masturbating to her photos.

Silas tweeted a message about the allegations before deleting it, saying, "I'm in the wrong. This is MY fault for not asking for somebody's age and I should have asked the person their age in the first place. I take full responsibility for my actions. I should do better and you all deserve better. I will be stepping away for the time being."

What do you make of these allegations against Silas? We have reached out to Bobby Boy Records for comment.