Logic has been enjoying a pretty phenomenal year thus far. First, he released his conceptual, science-fiction-inspired, racially fluid album Everybody. Then, he hit the road for a massive tour, played Mario Kart with Lil Yachty, had a drunken cypher with Joey Bada$$, and filmed a documentary in the process. Next, he fulfilled the geek dream by scoring a guest appearance on Rick And *burp* Morty.  Now, it would appear that the fruits of his labor have been rewarded, as Everybody recently went Gold. 

Everybody did harbor a few mixed reviews on our end, but Logic's core fanbase seemed to really dive into the project, which gave a more personal insight into the rapper's complex identity. In reality, it's hard not to be endeared by Logic's geek-friendly lifestyle, playing "Settlers Of Catan" on tour and boasting an encyclopedic knowledge of both Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm. Therefore, when he scores a big win, you kind of have no choice but to cheer for him. He's that much of a cool, down to Earth dude. 

Everybody is hardly Logic's first Gold plaque, as the Ratt Pack rapper has amassed a solid collection over the course of his career. While the majority of his plaques come from singles, like "Alright," "Flexicution," & "1-800-273-8255," his album The Incredible True Story has also hit the sales milestone. However, Logic has yet to land a platinum plaque as a solo artist, despite having a rabid fanbase in the streaming market. Still, Everybody seems poised to be Logic's most commercially successful project yet, and there's no telling whether or not it will peak at Gold. 

Hopefully Logic can pull through and hit the big million, adding yet another accolade to his already successful career. Congrats to Logic!