Last week was one where rappers proudly showed off their new deals as Lil Pump and Juice WRLD both re-upped on record deals with Warner Bros. and Interscope respectively. On Bobby Tarantino 2, Logic spit a few bars humbly bragging about his fresh $30 million deal with Def Jam and, while it seemed like an astonishing number at the time, not many were entirely questioning it. Logic has shown promise and longevity in his music career, proving himself among a top class of lyricists so it would not be surprising for him to get that sort of paper. However, new reports are claiming that the rapper may have exaggerated the amount by a decent margin.

While Logic's deal was indeed restructured for him to make more money than previously, TMZ is reporting that the numbers simply do not add up. While Bobby is watching his change grow, it is almost certainly not to the amount of $30 million as the media outlet is writing that it is more likely to land in the $10 million range. Logic has already proven himself in the game so a check upwards of $10 mil is reasonable, but the extent to which Logic may have inflated his supposed checkbook appears to be a troll job.

If you were signing Logic, how much would you drop to ensure him on your label and how much do you think he legitimately signed for? Are you taking his word?