It seems that his baby mama is still unhappy with London on da Track.

London on da Track has been hitting headlines recently more about his drama with baby mama than his music

Eboni Ivorii, his daughter's mother, took to her Instagram stories as usual to demand child support from her child's father. 

She made light of the situation by making a play on words with the famed producer's name. 

"London on da track to go to jail," she said with a laughing emoji. 

She continued addressing her child's father, stating she won't have any respect for London until he provides for his daughter.

Eboni has been blasting London on da Track on Instagram, alleging that he does not take care of his daughter. Earlier this month, Eboni accused the Memphis producer of buying a fake Christmas present for their daughter, sharing that Paris was “never gon get that fake lil truck.” She went on to say that everything London does is a “facade,” and that she’d “let anyone slap me the day Paris sees that truck and or her daddy.”

She also claimed that London had not seen his daughter in over a year now.

"London bro do better," she said earlier this month. "You do all this big cap sh*t all the time and I act more like a grown man than you. I swear this man does this sh*t on purpose bc he like me talkin dumb." 

London on da Track said he would "disrespect the mother of his children" in an Instagram story post last November

Hopefully, the two can take their differences off Instagram and resolve them in person. 

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