Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball wasn't at all amused when his ex-girlfriend, Denise Garcia, insinuated that he was a "deadbeat dad" just weeks after their daughter Zoey was born.

Back in October, Garcia went on Instagram and was told to "blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad" ... and she proceeded to blink while laughing. Footage of Lonzo's reaction to that gesture has now been shared on the most recent episode of the Ball family's Facebook reality TV show.

"Came to see the deadbeat, huh?" Lonzo asks Denise, as shown in the video embedded below. "That was fun for you? You had fun? You're laughing, but it's really not funny though."

Of course, LaVar Ball also had something to say about the matter: "How do you call somebody a deadbeat when you just had the baby?!"

Lonzo added, "Denise wants me to be more present during the weekends with her and Zoey, I see where she's obviously coming from ... I'm trying to make an effort to get there as much as possible."

Ball and Garcia had been dating since they attended Chino Hills High School together, but split up not long after Zoey was born in July.