Lonzo Ball has certainly had an interesting career in the NBA. He started out with the Los Angeles Lakers where he got to play two seasons before being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans. While the team had quite a bit of promise entering the bubble, it quickly became apparent that this team was not good enough to compete. Ball had some of the worst statistics of his career, and Pelicans fans were displeased with how Lonzo performed under pressure.

Now, it would seem that Ball's days in NOLA could be numbered, or at least that's what former NBA player and current analyst Jay Williams is saying. While speaking on ESPN, Williams noted that he has been hearing rumblings regarding Lonzo and how there is a possibility that the Pelicans look to move Lonzo next season. 

Williams' revelation is pretty interesting when you consider how the Pelicans gave up Anthony Davis to bring Lonzo into the franchise. Ball has been the team's star point guard and if they move him, they will need to be vigilant in replacing the position. However, Lonzo's brother LaMelo is going to be drafted soon, so perhaps the Pelicans could make a deal with his brother's new team.

For now, Williams' claims are simply a rumor, so stay tuned for any updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.