Lonzo Ball's NBA career has been an interesting one, to say the least. He came into the league with a ton of expectations thanks to his father LaVar, who claimed Lonzo could be one of the best players of all-time. After being picked second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, Ball was unable to live up to those expectations and was constantly thrown around in trade talks. Back in June, Lonzo was traded from the Lakers to the New Orleans Pelicans in a package deal that brought Anthony Davis to the purple and gold.

Since the trade, Ball has claimed he's excited to be starting fresh with a new team, although a recent song he released hints at some possible saltiness over the whole deal. In a recent interview with Big Boy, Ball opened up even further, saying he realized he had been traded while scrolling through Twitter.

"They got rid of you. They don't want you no more," Lonzo said. "I mean yeah, you gotta take it personal."

Ball will have as good a chance as ever to prove himself this season as he will be playing on a rebuilding Pelicans squad who boast the services of Zion Williamson who was the number one pick in the 2019 draft. If Lonzo can improve and play well this season, perhaps he can cement himself as a starting point guard and remain in NOLA for the longterm.