Lonzo Ball's baby mom-to-be Denise Garcia is letting the world in on her pregnancy. Lonzo's high-school sweetheart is in the 6th month of her pregnancy and she is glowing to prove it. The picture taken of her Instagram storyboard has since expired, but not before TMZ took notice. The bathroom selfie is absolutely flattering of her appearance. It is often hard to predict what effect a pregnancy will have on the body in a physical sense.

Lonzo and Denise conceived late last year and confirmed a July date for the eventual pregnancy, fingers crossed. Lonzo seems genuinely excited to add junior member to the Ball clan. LaVar seems to agree that his son has the perfect temperament to be father figure: "He's a Ball -- he's gonna be a great dad." Lonzo continued the love fest in saying that he hopes his daughter loves his parents as much as he loves his own. In all likelyhood, Lonzo made the right decision in keeping with his family values and cementing his relationship with Denise Garcia before the persuasions of the road rendered visit. We are genuinely excited for the release of the infant ZO2s with the matching tricot.