At the end of December 2019, Lil Wayne was left facing some legal trouble after feds found copious amounts of drugs on his private plane. Given the proximity to Juice WRLD's death and the circumstances surrounding it, some were left wondering why Weezy would open himself to the possibility of catching airborne drug charges in the first place. Lord Jamar among them, as evidenced by his recent sit down on Vlad TV. 

After Vlad informs him that authorities found weed, cocaine, and heroin on Weezy's plane, Jamar expresses annoyance over how the situation played out. "For that to happen so soon after Juice WRLD just got caught on a private plan with seventy-five pounds of weed and pills he took cause he was scared he was going to get locked up, which ultimately took his life, " begins Jamar. " You would think that muthafuckas would fall back from doing shit like that...Dudes like Wayne probably thought this whole flying private, that's probably been the get-over for the longest time. That shit is probably over now."

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"Being able to bring guns and drugs, nuh-uh," he continues. "Not for the very near future, especially with all this Juice WRLD shit that just happened. You can't move like how you moved in the early two-thousands." He explains that there's an idea that a rich person wouldn't have to smuggle drugs, therefore one might be able to exactly that while unimpeded. "On that regular jet, they're very suspicious of the poor!" says Jamar. "Black people, especially rappers and entertainers, we're just finding out the kind of access money brings you. How it takes away your suspicions sometimes."

Citing the eternal wisdom of Boosie, Vlad seconds the idea of having a fall-guy on paid salary. Jamar nods in agreement, claiming "it's simple to do! All the money ya'll tricking off in strip clubs, you can't put a little stack aside for the fall guy?! Come on."