There's a division in the conversation surrounding hip-hop between "real hip-hop" and music that's heard today that strays away from the traditional sounds. Often times, older individuals, and hip-hop purists have come down on trap music and the more melodic, radio-friendly vibes that's heard these days. But more often than none, it's the younger generation bashing the older cats who helped pave the way for them.

A few weeks ago, Lonzo Ball caused commotion on the Internet when he gave his opinion on hip-hop. Here's the thing, the NBA doesn't take him that seriously so one should only wonder why anything he says pertaining to hip-hop carries any weight in the first place. He said that Future is a greater artist than Nas based on the merit of who has more hits. 

People went wild over the take on the Internet but DJ Vlad sat down with Lord Jamar to find out his take on it. Jamar typically comes through with the hot takes but perhaps some can find themselves agreeing with the Brand Nubian rapper on this one. Jamar said it's entirely possible that Future has more hits than Nas but posed the question whether that actually means Future is a better artist than Nas. He admits he's a fan of Future but that comparing Future to Nas is like comparing McDonald's & fast food to a slow-cooked home meal. 

"Just like what McDonald's does is not traditional cooking," he explained. "You got fast food and slow-cooked home food.  Now the fast food is always going to sell more than the slow home-cooked food. Just by virtue you can cook it faster and they got way more locations," he continued.

"Now this nice Chez Nas, it only exists in Queens, you got to get a reservation, we're not going to sell as much but that sh*t is going to stick to your f*cking ribs. You're going to remember that meal much longer than you'll remember that Big Mac. That's kind of how I see it," he said. "People love McDonald's though. Don't get me wrong, I don't fuck with it. But I do fuck with Future."

Peep the full interview below.