At this stage, Eminem and Lord Jamar have become entwined in a shared destiny. Despite nursing a genuine dislike for one another, neither seems particularly willing to turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones. In Em's case, he's taken to songs like "Fall" and "I Will" to air his grievances with the Brand Nubian rapper-turned-podcaster. In Jamar's, he's opted to sit down with DJ Vlad and poke fun at both Slim's musicality and fanbase. At least, until now. In his latest appearance on Vlad TV, Jamar mused on the possibility of getting the band back together for a diss track. 

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

"Premier!" he calls, after teasing the possibility of retaliating on wax. "Send me that joint! Premier, who else. How about Just Blaze? If you not scared, I'll take one. MF DOOM? I'm just saying." When Vlad points out that Dr. Dre wouldn't be a viable option, Jamar doesn't appear overtly concerned. "I can't say I would necessarily want one from Dre," he shrugs. "I don't feel that's necessarily my style. The people I named right now are more in my lane." 

"I was going to say Daringer, but he's running with them," says Jamar. "That's kinda in that lane." Both Vlad and Jamar proceed to conclude that Primo is the best option, pledging the producer to move "for hip-hop. A lot of trash has been put out right now. The bar is very low. Between what Eminem put out and what Nick Cannon put out, I think it would not be hard to surpass that."