Back in October of 2019, Lori Harvey was arrested after a hit-and-run incident involving her G-Wagon. Essentially, she was driving when all of a sudden she flipped her car and smashed into someone else's. Harvey tried to flee the scene but was eventually tracked down by the police who saw her walking down the street from where the crash was. Eventually, Harvey was charged with two misdemeanors including resisting arrest and hit-and-run.

Harvey eventually pled not guilty to these charges back in January and has been trying to battle them, ever since. According to TMZ, her case finally came to a close as she made a deal with prosecutors where she opted to plead no contest to both counts. Now, the socialite will be on probation for two years and gets to avoid the one-year in jail she was facing had she been convicted.

Lori Harvey

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

Harvey has made numerous headlines over the years due to her love life although the hit-and-run from back in October certainly came as a big surprise to those around her. For those unaware, Harvey is the daughter of comedian and TV show host, Steve Harvey.

With this latest decision in mind, we're sure Harvey will be taking a much more cautious approach the next time she goes behind the wheel.