Future and Lori Harvey are proving to be a match made in toxic heaven and we couldn't be any happier for either of them. Lori seemingly provided Future with a bit of inspiration behind his latest platinum-selling single, "Life Is Good" while she's been enjoying his company? Anyways, their relationship has been pretty entertaining to unfold considering that she's been associated with some of Future's friends and Future, well, his baby mama drama continues to shine a light on his otherwise private life.

The two have come out publicly as a couple but the question that everyone's asking is if Steve Harvey approves. Steve has previously stated he knows "nothing about that" and it appears his daughter is keeping mum about when it comes to whether Steve has given Future the co-sign. TMZ ran up on her to ask her a few questions about her father. Lori doesn't seem to be a stupid person so she was already keeping he answers short with them but when they asked her about Steve's approval of Future, she was graced with the power of perfect timing. The elevator opened and she managed to get herself out of a tight jam.

Future and Lori have been subject to engagement rumors in the past few weeks. It might be presumptuous to say but Steve does look like the type to bring that up at the dinner table.