Due to the Coronavirus, everyone is stuck at home where they are in the midst of self-isolation. The proper terminology for this phenomenon is called "social distancing." Essentially, we are making sure we come into contact with as few people as possible in order to not spread the disease. Even if younger people will most likely survive the virus, we could pass it on to someone more vulnerable which could lead to some serious problems. Even celebrities are taking part in this quarantine and many of them are giving fans insight into what their routine looks like.

When she isn't in quarantine with Future, Lori Harvey is spending time at her brother's house with her nephews. In the video below, Harvey displays some of the games she and her brother play with the kids and it looks like a pretty fun time. As you can see, they've pretty well turned the kitchen table into a slip and slide.

In the coming days, weeks, and even months, it will be interesting to see how celebrities cope with the quarantine boredom. These games are fun for now but they could get old quickly. With this in mind, we're curious to see what people come up with next.

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