You know those movies where parents disapproves of their child's choice in spouse so they orchestrate a whole plot to ensure that their child ends up with a more stable and trustworthy person instead? Well, it appears Steve Harvey is trying to orchestrate one of those plots. At least that's the story that my mind thought up once I saw Dutch soccer player, Memphis Depay's recent Instagram post. 

Depay shared a photo of himself smoking cigars with Steve Harvey on a boat with the caption: "Seen a lot, heard a lot, learned a lot." It's the kind of activity that one would expect to occur between a wealthy man and his son-in-law. However, Depay is not Steve Harvey's son-in-law. That almost became the case when Depay got engaged to Steve's step-daugther, Lori, back in 2017, but they ended their relationship shortly after. 

It's perfectly plausible that Steve and Memphis maintained a friendship following his split from Lori and decided to spend a nice day on the water together. On the other hand, their meeting becomes suspicious when you consider all the signs that Steve and his wife, Marjorie, are not fans of Lori's current rumored boyfriend, Future. Lori has been spotted in the same locations as the Atlanta rapper several times recently and she appears to have accompanied him on his trip to Nigeria for a concert. Lori being out of town may have provided Steve with the perfect opportunity to speak to Depay about how they're going to steer Lori away from that awful Future