Every single year, the NBA trade deadline provides us with some amazing storylines that always get the fans riled up. This year, there were some big trades although nothing that involved massive superstars. Regardless, there were some deals that had fans engaging in some hefty debates, including the Lou Williams deal which had the Clippers sending him to Atlanta in exchange for the likes of Rajon Rondo.

It was a trade that also saw the Clippers give the Hawks two second-round draft picks, for good measure. Now, the Clippers get their point guard, and the Hawks get some depth that will help out the younger stars.

Following the trade, most fans were focused on Williams, who made headlines last summer after making a stop at Magic City in Atlanta prior to going to the NBA Bubble. It is that story that gave him the "Lemon Pepper Lou" nickname and now that he is a full-time Atlanta resident, fans made sure to remind him of his love for the establishment.

Twitter seemed to be flooded with jokes about the ordeal and overall, it was pretty hilarious. NBA Twitter has always been undefeated and this was yet another example of their creativity in action.

Lou Williams

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images