With the NBA returning this week, it is safe to say that the league is being strict with its quarantine rules. Of course, the league wants to protect players from the Coronavirus and the best way to do that is by making sure they don't allow anyone in from the outside. In fact, the league even has a protocol hotline where players can snitch on each other for not following the rules.

Perhaps the most egregious breaking of these rules was effectuated by Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers. Recently, Williams was excused from the Orlando bubble as there was a death in his family. However, Williams took the opportunity to go to the strip club, where he was seen with Jack Harlow. After an NBA investigation into the matter, Williams will have to quarantine for 10 days, which means he's going to miss the first two games of the NBA reboot.

This is bad news for the Clippers who rely on Williams for a lot of their scoring. The star is considered to be the best sixth man in the league, and he's someone you want on the court as opposed to his hotel room.

With this latest punishment in mind, you have to figure players won't want to do something like this in the future.