Louis C.K. has always been known as a comedian who is not just willing, but relishes the opportunity to say what others won't. This quality of his has been publicly reevaluated since he was called out (and admitted to: "when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your (penis) isn't a question...it's a predicament for them") masturbating in front of a lot of women without their consent. Understandably, people have reacted strongly on both sides, especially after CK made a joke about the activism efforts of the survivors of the Parkland mass shooting, asking, "cause you went to a high school where kids got shot, why does that mean I have to listen to you?"

While many people would have stopped at this point Louis C.K., for better or for worse, took it to another level in his recent San Jose show, addressing the allegations against him head-on with his first joke of the night: “I like to jerk off, and I don’t like being alone.” He continued in this vein, addressing the controversy over his Parkland joke with some advice: "if you ever need people to forget that you jerked off, what you do is you make a joke about kids that got shot.”

While the show was sold out, there was also a group of protesters outside who shouted "Louis C.K. has got to go!" C.K., in his set, countered them, saying,  "the whole point of comedy is to say things that you shouldn’t say. That’s the entire point.”