Louis Vuitton is one of the elites when it comes to high-end fashion labels, so price points that are equally as high aren't something that surprises many when it comes to their luxury apparel and accessories. However, someone has to draw a line when it comes to selling a flying kite for $10,400 just because it's monogrammed, right? That's the latest debate amongst the "fashün" savvy.

Then again, kites have played a part in LV's long history — Virgil Abloh even made them the invites to his Spring/Summer 2020 runway presentation last year. 

Louis Vuitton $10,400 Kite virgil abloh
Image: Dominique Charriau/WireImage/Getty

Media and press attending were sent invites in the form of build-your-own kites, monogrammed to be in-style with the brand's signature aesthetic of course. While those were free-99 for whoever received it, the new general release price tag just seems like a bit much, not even considering that we're going through, you know, an economically-drought global pandemic. Even pre-2020, the high fashion capital was falling hard enough to take out Barneys New York (R.I.P.).

According to TMZ, Louis Vuitton is getting hit hard over on TikTok for the $10K-kite, with the running joke being that it "better fly people first class." There's also a jump rope for $705, dumbbells priced at $2,869 for all you fashion bros out there, a ping pong set for $2,400 and even a whole billiard table if you're feeling really crazy that's going for a whopping $135,000. 

Take a look at the Louis Vuitton monogram kite below, and let us know if that price tag is light work — click here to cop one in the Louis Vuitton web store! — or you can find something better to spend a cool $10,400 on: