We've been seeing a trend in luxury brands and their partnerships with mundane, everyday and/or household items. Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton especially has been putting out their takes on playful objects, having recently delivered a set of lifestyle items, which were led by its insanely eye-catching, plexiglass take on Hasbro’s classic Jenga game. Now, they've returned with yet another outlandish spin on a play item, releasing a multicolored beach volleyball.



Dubbed the “Giant” Volleyball, the striking object abandons LV’s signature double-toned monogram print, for a lighter, more youthful design. The ball is constructed from leather, canvas and cotton, and comes in panelled pastel pink, bright orange and purple, and white, with a combination of both larger Louis Vuitton typography patterns and mini-sized ones. Sitting in at around 8.2 inches in height, Louis Vuitton has aptly named the ball the "Giant Volleyball." And for those who are wondering just how they'll be able to carry the ball around with them, you'll be pleased to know the lavish item comes ready with a net bag for carrying; the equally stylish bag is mostly constructed of purple mesh, with a black and white leather monogrammed carrying strap. The peculiar Giant Volleyball can now be found online for a high-end price of $2,650 USD.