Louisville Police Department announced that the city will be in a state of emergency in anticipation of the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's decision on the Breonna Taylor's case. As many have fought to bring her justice, Cameron will soon announce whether charges will be laid against Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove for their roles in Taylor's death.

LMPD Interim Chief of Police Robert Schroeder wrote a memo obtained by WAVE3 news 

"To ensure we have the appropriate level of staffing to provide for public safety services and our policing functions, effective immediately the LMPD will operate under the emergency staffing and reporting guidelines as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Response Plan and collective bargaining agreements until further notice," the memo reads. "This Special Order will be posted in each division, or unit for a period of ten days." Requested days off and vacation time were nixed as Sgt. Lamony Washington revealed barriers will be propped up in downtown. 

Many assume that this forewarning by the Louisville PD is indicative that charges won't be laid against Taylor's killers. Just weeks before, Cameron revealed that he had received a ballistics report that was "critical" to the investigation. He said that it isn' the "end-all-be-all" of the investigation, saying there were other interviews that needed to be conducted with witnesses. 

Earlier today, Louisville Police confirmed that six officers were under investigation by the Professional Standards Unit of the department. The unit looks into whether officers broke policies, though there were no specifics provided as to what policies they broke. Tony James, Michael Campbell, Joshua Jaynes, and Michael Nobles were listed, along with the officers Marringly, Hankison, and Cosgrove. This investigation is separate from the findings provided to Cameron.