While not the exact justice family, friends, and BLM protestors wanted for Breonna Taylor, the news coming from the Louisville Police Department today is certainly a good start. Last week, the Louisville Metro PD Chief Yvette Gentry announced she would fire two cops within the department for their roles in the killing of Breonna Taylor, sending a pre-termination letter to Joshua Jays that read, " Your conduct severely damaged the image our Department has established within our community. I cannot tolerate this type of conduct or untruthfulness by any member of the LMPD." Finally dropping the ball today, the LMPD let go of detectives Joshua Jaynes and Myles Cosgrove for their roles in the deadly raid. 

Citing "extreme violations of our policies," Cosgrove was one of the cops present at the scene of the raid and also fired shots. Jaynes was not, but he was the one who filed the paperwork with the judge to get the warrant to search Taylor's home in the first place. He is the officer who had insider information from a postal inspector that a drug-suspect, Taylor's ex-boyfriend, was receiving packages to the home. Jaynes later confessed he never verified this information. 

Jon Cherry/Getty Images

The LMPD had previously fired Brett Hankinson for his role in the raid, determining he "violated obedience to rules and regulations," when serving the warrant. He is also the only officer the grand jury indicted, but it stemmed from a shooting in a neighboring apartment and not Breonna. The other two walked away practically scot-free. 

In this case, thankfully justice was partially served. May Breonna rest in power