Jamaican dancehall star Spice is trying to make it big in the American mainstream, altering her entire image and taking things to the extreme. When she bleached her skin last year, many of her fans were outraged. They asked why she would ever do such a thing, accusing her of hating herself and vowing to stay away from her music. It turns out that it was all for a music video that she filmed called "Black Hypocrisy," but the story is being followed on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. New episodes will air next week and today, VH1 released a sneak peek into what we can expect from the upcoming season.

Spice is seen during a doctor's appointment, consulting a dermatologist about the best way to achieve her goal of having lighter skin. "I believe that a lot of people kind of bash me or degrade me because of the color of my skin," says Spice. She explains her reasoning behind wanting to bleach her skin, saying, "I'm kind of provoking them a bit."

When the doctor starts to inform Spice of the risks of skin bleaching, the Jamaican star tunes out. Then, the dermatologist explains that Spice will need to have a psychological evaluation, like with any cosmetic procedure, to make sure she's not making any rash decisions. That's when Spice absolutely blows up, saying that she feels insulted and offended, grabbing her bag and leaving on the spot. 

Spice storms out of the office and says that when she goes through with the procedure, she'll send the doctor a picture. Watch the preview below.