Last month, it was revealed that Slick Woods and Micky Munday would be joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Woods, a recurring face of Rihanna's FENTY makeup and fashion lines, only appeared to have started dating the singer and rapper, Micky Munday, a few months ago, when they started posting photos together on social media. In the upcoming season's first trailer, the couple's relationship seems to be complicated by the presence of Micky Munday's former girlfriend, Tricia Ana. 

On Tuesday night, Woods - dressed in what appears to be a Puma wetsuit - celebrated her 23rd birthday with a big party. The Blast shared a video of Micky bringing out his girlfriend's cake, which features a photo of Slick along with a pack of Slickwoods (in lieu of Backwoods). The bottom of the cake had the endearing message, "Happy Birthday Dirt Bag". "Dirt Bag" might be the pet names that the two use for each other, as Micky shared a photo of them on Instagram a few weeks back with the hashtag, #THEDIRTBAGS. Upon being presented with her cake, Slick quickly grabbed a piece with her hand to rub in her boo's face.

More professional footage of this party will likely be featured on Love & Hip Hop, as a big camera crew can be seen in attendance. For now, watch the iPhone video below.