Former Roc-A-Fella Artist Teairra Marí was 16 years old when she signed her deal with Jay-Z's Def Jam imprint. Her debut album Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Teairra Marí was a staple on hip hop radio the year it came out. From there she was able to leverage both a supporting and primary role in subsequent Love & Hip Hop spinoffs. For those reasons alone, Teairra Marí will always be remembered with fondness for a strong yet fluid sense of self, apparent from a young age.

This afternoon her worst fears were confirmed. A sex tape recorded by her and partner was leaked to the Internet. In it Teairra Marí can be seen giving her partner fellatio in a compromising position never intended for public consumption. Twitter followers, some more mature than others have shed light on the video and image leak, comparing her oral skills quite favorable to those of Blac Chyna. Other users were less inclined to make light of the situation, chalking it up to an invasion of privacy. 50 Cent for his part, posted a screen cap of the video before Instagram forced him to take it down. His post included a caption asking her indirectly "Damn baby, this reality TV shit going so far, what you doing this for?" Teairra Marí's romantic strife has long been topic of discussion on LHHH.

As of this writing, it is believed Teairra Marí has been the victim of hacking. The images and video are not difficult to trace, but considering the circumstance it might be best to honor her privacy and curtail their circulation. Marí issued the following remarks in a statement posted to her Instagram. Read below: