As if it weren't enough for Tommie Lee to be fighting for her freedom in a child abuse case, the Love & Hip Hip star was recently arrested for showing up to court drunk. Now, this should be basic knowledge for everybody. If you're due to show up in court, you should probably consider sobering up beforehand. Tommie was unaware of the repercussions she faced after she appeared in court with a BAC of 0.16, which is twice the legal limit. According to TMZ, the reality star was arrested on the spot after drug and alcohol testing.

At the beginning of this year, it was revealed that Tommie Lee is facing a maximum sentence of 54 years in prison for child abuse after reportedly going to her daughter's school to disrupt her class, smacking her hands with a purse strap, slapping her in the face, dragging her across the hallway by her hair and tossing her into a locker. With her new arrest, Tommie may be behind bars until her trial begins. 

The entertainer tried to defend herself and her parenting skills after she was bashed online for physically abusing her daughter. However, her explanation didn't resonate with many of her detractors. Take a look at Tommie's new mugshot and let us know what you think her sentence will be?