"Jokes > Facts" is Twitter's unofficial tagline, which was proven with the roasting of Ludacris' CGI abs in his "Vitamin D" video this week. A screencap was passed around, and some incredible jokes were made at Luda's expense, many of which rolling with the assumption that 'Cris was trying trick fans into thinking he's more jacked than he is.

However, if you actually watch the video, it's pretty clear that Luda is in on the joke. In fact, he pulled similarly humorous body manipulation stunts in his inventive videos for "Roll Out" and "Get Back."

Eventually, Luda acknowledged the many cracks about his fake muscles on Twitter, and he seemed to be pretty entertained by it all. He threw in some comments like "I did a lot of sit ups for that!" as well as responding to a fan who pointed out the willful ignorance of those roasting him, writing "It's ok they slow."

TMZ also got a comment from Luda as he was leaving an event Monday night. When asked about the reaction to his abs he said, "Obviously they haven't seen my old videos."