Ludacris has earned the right to relax, having contributed his fair share of classic records, albums, and punchlines. In fact, there are some who still feel like Luda hasn't got his due credit as a lyricist -- though it doesn't exactly seem like he's too fazed about that. Case in point, the Atlanta legend and his wife Eudoxie have been living it up in the most luxurious fashion imaginable, taking to the crystal clear waters for an escape from, as he so eloquently puts it, the "bullshit" of the world.

Ludacris IslandFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Sharing a slew of images from his ongoing vacation, Luda took a moment to announce a discovery of sorts. "Just found a new island," he declares, wading toward the uncharted land. "I'm staking my claim. This is mine. I'll name it Ludacris Island. Thank you Jesus." Unfortunately, it would appear he's already got some competition from an unexpected seafarer -- Shark Week veteran Shaquille O'Neal.

"Nope," retorts Shaq. "I been discovered that." Despite Shaq's protestation, Luda seems content to simply bask in the natural beauty of it all. And who can blame him? The benefits of a well-spent career in action. Show Ludacris some love below, especially now that he's officially donned his explorer's cap and taken to the open seas with a dream in his heart.