Luka Doncic has been one of the most impressive young players in the entire NBA over the past couple of years and this season, he was able to lead his team to a playoff appearance as the seventh seed in the Western Conference. This has led to a difficult first-round matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers, however, it has become quite clear that Doncic has what it takes to make this competitive series. Had it not been for Kristaps Porzingis ejection in game one, the Mavs probably would have won. As for Game 2 on Wednesday night, Doncic scored 28 points as his team evened out the series.

Following the game, Doncic was interviewed on the court about his performance and if he had a message for the NBA on TNT analysts like Charles Barkley and Shaq, who didn't give the Mavericks much of a chance of moving on. As you can tell, Doncic seems to be playing with a chip on his shoulder, and he's adamant his team can close it out.

“They should be saying, we got a chance you know in this first round. A lot of people counted us out. I know a lot of people didn’t count us in. But I know they should be saying we got a chance,” Doncic said.

With the series tied at one game apiece, both teams will be hungry to get that lead, which means game three is about to be a lot of fun.