He just wanted to get home to be with his pregnant girlfriend Sofijia Milosevic, but the trip got 22-year-old soccer star Luka Jovic in trouble with the law. The COVID-19 global pandemic has countries on lockdown worldwide, but that didn't stop the Real Madrid footballer from traveling. According to TMZ, Jovic and his soccer team were told to keep themselves quarantined in Spain for at least two weeks. A basketball player from Real Madrid tested positive for COVID-19, so officials wanted to make sure the soccer players wouldn't begin exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

However, Luka Jovic decided to go against the advice and hopped a plane to Serbia to see his pregnant girlfriend. TMZ reports that Serbian authorities are upset that Jovic didn't practice isolation or social distancing, and they intend on doing something about it. President Aleksandar Vucic has reportedly stated that Jovic is under investigation for potentially putting others at risk. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic reportedly said, "We have negative examples of football stars who earn millions abroad and when they come back to Serbia, they don't self-isolate as is obligatory."

Jovic issued a formal apology after learning that he could possibly face jail time over his actions. He claims he wasn't aware that there were restrictions set in place regarding travel. “I apologize to everyone if I have endangered them in some way and I hope that together we can manage to overcome all this," he said, according to ESPN.

“While in Spain, I tested negative for coronavirus, and I decided to travel to Serbia to help and support our people and be close to my family, in agreement with my club,” Jovic posted to social media, according to ESPN. “When I landed in Serbia, I again tested negative for coronavirus. I am very sorry that some people did their job unprofessionally and did not give me the correct instructions on how to behave in self-isolation.” It's unclear what the punishment could be.