Despite a ton of promise coming into the season, the Sacramento Kings have been downright abysmal this year. The Kings are one of those franchises that never seem to prosper no matter how hard they try. Last night was yet another example of that as they fell to the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 130-111. Perhaps the worst moment of the night was in the third quarter when Kings head coach Luke Walton received a technical foul for blasting the officials. At one point, Walton looked over at Mavs star Luka Doncic and told him to give the ref his autograph since he's clearly a fan. Of course, Walton was implying the ref was giving him easy calls.

According to those who saw the exchange take place, Doncic went over to Walton and simply said "don't do that." After the game, Doncic spoke about the incident saying stuff like that happens all the time and that it was "nothing special." Walton also went on to comment about the whole ordeal where he said: “I have all the respect in the world for Luka. He got what he wanted tonight, wherever he wanted. I wasn’t saying anything to him. I don’t know if he thought I said something to him."

If there is one thing for sure here, it's that Doncic got the last laugh. The Mavericks look destined to make it all the way to the playoffs and Doncic has been downright MVP-worthy, when he's healthy.