Back in April, Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton was accused by a former sports journalist, Kelli Tennant, of sexual assault. According to her account, Walton went to her hotel room to drop off a book back in 2017 which allegedly led to his misconduct. She explained how he forced himself on top of her and continuously kissed her neck despite being told to stop. Tennant even said she was scared of being raped although Walton eventually got up and left. In light of these accusations, Tennant had launched a sexual assault lawsuit against Walton.

After a few months of deliberation, it seems as though the lawsuit has come to an end. According to TMZ, Tennant has filed a motion with the judge to dismiss the lawsuit entirely. The documents ask for a dismissal with prejudice which means the case can't be reopened.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As of right now, it's uncertain as to why she filed to dismiss the case. There have been no reports of a settlement although the Kings launched their own investigation into Walton and found no sufficient evidence against him. Now that the case is dismissed, it's unlikely more details will come to light.

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