Lunice Feat. Denzel Curry, Nell, JK The Reaper "Distrust" Video

Mitch Findlay
July 19, 2017 11:03

Lunice delivers a digital acid trip on "Distrust."

A little while back, Montreal producer Lunice teamed up with Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper, & Nell for the experimentally structured "Distrust." The video seems to follow suit, with a trippy blend of grainy VHS-style footage and ink blot artwork. Visually, the overall effect is claustrophobic, with a deliberately uncomfortable seizure-inducing aesthetic. Despite being hard to watch at times, the concept is interesting and the execution successful.

Props to Lunice for linking up with Denzel Curry, JK & Nell on this one. If you really want to get outlandish with it, check out the video's official description:

A film by Sam Rolfes, starring Denzel Curry, Lunice & Aaron Ricks: choked and pinned with glowing scraps of regressive netscum, a body thrashes and steps through the digital visual violence as a familiar green figure hangs splayed, pierced by a spear, entrails out, while Denzel Curry and Lunice Facetime in to watch. 

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