Yesterday, Lupe Fiasco retired after receiving backlash over anti-Semitic lyrics. Today, he returned to Twitter to air grievances against music executives Lyor Cohen and Craig Kallman, and against the music industry that debilitates its artists and privileges its ruling class.

Lupe claimed that Cohen, then the CEO of Warner, informed him that "he may not honor the terms of an existing contract unless [Lupe] signed a contract which changed the terms of the existing one."

Lupe then turned to Kallman, the CEO of Atlantic, whom he alleged "once negotiated a deal in secret which said I agreed to give away 85% of my pub rights to the song Airplanes to his producers... Craig Kallman brought me my 360 deal while I was half naked recovering from Pneumonia in a hotel room in LA. It was surreal."

He criticized 360 deals and insisted that he never signed one, although he admitted that he only owns the masters to one of his albums: Food & Liquor. "I asked Lyor for my masters as real equity in their nutty 360 deal experiment. He smirked & said "what? Like in a suitcase? Lyor's exact words 2 me in regards 2 my 360 deal were 'if you grow cotton, why would you want to grow grapes?'" 

Lupe's tirade did not convince anyone that he is not anti-Semitic. When a fan asked him why no one had addressed these issue with the label, he responded, "Because the Jewish lawyer I hired to get me off Atlantic, was more interested in taking 5% of everything I did. He sent a bill for 100k."