Sometimes, a man must set loose his personal connections and dedicate his life to the art of gaming. Such has been a reality for the ever-disciplined Lupe Fiasco, known for Food & Liquor, The Cool, and his Street Fighter mastery. In fact, Lupe has developed such skill at the classic arcade fighter, he even managed to defeat one of the game's best players, Daigo Umehara, in two out of five matches. Perhaps the man's martial prowess runs so deep, it carries over into the digital world. All things considered, only a fool or a masochist would dare tangle with Lupe on the Street Fighter tip.

Perhaps the absence of challengers has led to a sense of boredom. Now, like Kurupt before him, Lupe is "Calling Out Names." As it happens, the recipient of his ire is none other than Joe Budden. If memory serves, Joe Budden has never so much as touched a video game, despite appearing in two of the classic Def Jam games. Still, Lupe has deemed him an appropriate rival, perhaps signifying the truth runs deeper than we appear. 

Taking to Instagram to issue the challenge, Lupe spared no feelings in his tirade. "This n***a sitting on this ultra modern balcony enjoying a pussy ass summer breeze with the sock shoes staring of into the distance looking at nothing when he could be looking at these HANDS! Stop the ducking Joe! Streets is calling you! STREET FIGHTER THAT IS! You can bo back to gazing into the heart of clarity once you catch these multiple L's." There's no telling whether or not Joe will rise to the occasion, but should he pursue this particular avenue, the possibility for entertainment may very well prove endless.