Lupe Fiasco is looking to put certain publications on a game. Namely HipHopDX & XXL, who both received his DROGAS WAVE project with a noted lack of enthusiasm. For some context, HipHopDX was essentially favorably dispositioned toward the project, though they did accuse it of "lacking focus"; in a concluding statement, the reviewer states: "the last allegory is outlined, it’s clear that DROGAS Wave has enough value to be memorable but is less than the sum of its parts." 

In the case of XXL, the publication claimed Lupe's album "needed a good editor," in a review you can peep here. Where DX skewed positive, XXL essentially put Lupe on blast, writing "dense, convoluted and monotonous, DROGAS WAVE encourages Lupe Fiasco’s worst creative impulses." Apparently "doing the rounds," Lupe has been firing shots at those judging his latest effort, taking to Twitter to air his grievances. As it happens, DROGAS WAVE has been largely well received by fans, many of which have dubbed it Lou's best album in a minute. 

We've already seen Eminem break barriers between artist and critic, giving a reminder that computer screens do not equate to carte blanche; insult an artist's baby, and they may very well come out swinging. As somebody who has the privilege of reviewing and unpacking albums, it can be bothersome to see peers across the board seemingly taking pleasure in tearing down another person's work; respect should never be sacrificed in the name of quote-unquote objectivity. In any case, Lupe seems to feel some type of way about specific media coverage and has the fans to back his position. 

What do you think? Should an artist simply let a critic walk all over them? Or are you hoping to see Lupe on his Kamikaze tip? Shit-list renewed.