With the Coronavirus sending the world into a state of barely restrained panic and uncertainty, many have felt lost in their efforts to make sense of it. In response, Lupe Fiasco has come forward in an attempt to calm the waters, taking to social media to share an update on both his own career and the ongoing battle with COVID-19 and the fear it leaves in its wake. Especially given that a sense of rising panic and hysteria has gripped the nation, with many taking to the toilet paper aisles hellbent on hoarding that coveted two-ply supply.

"The shows in Seattle and Cleveland [And San Francisco] that were slated for this weekend are now postponed," begins Lupe, speaking in a calming and reassuring tone. "They're actually rescheduled into June. We'll be updating the [website] with the changes soon...Those are the dates right now that have been postponed due to the Coronavirus." 

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"Just remember that the Coronavirus is you," he declares, with a slight smile. "What I mean when I say that is that it doesn't make you panic. It doesn't drive you crazy. It doesn't drive you to do extreme things. It makes you sick. It shouldn't drive you to panic. It shouldn't drive you to racism or to overreact. It shouldn't drive you to bullying or profiteering or price gouging. That's human nature, the nature of humanity coming out. That is the disease in us as human beings that never goes away. Our greed and our selfishness. Us overreacting."

"Don't allow that to happen," he implores. "As this thing grows and gets a little more out of hand. Corona is what you make it. If you make it a crazy panic-driven fear-filled thing, that is what it will be. The disease isn't only the disease itself, it's also the reaction to the disease. In some cases, most of us will be experiencing the reaction to the disease. Make sure you are disciplined, sensible, and consistent. Vigilant. But don't go crazy, don't start to panic or overexaggerate things. Don't get caught up in myths and rumors. It's not necessary."

Check out the entire PSA below, and sound off in the comments - is Lupe speaking facts here? 

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