Lupe Fiasco sat down with Billboard to discuss the direction of his music, and as always he filled the gaps with off kilter opinions on you name it. On the topic of his music, Lupe contends there was never a schedule for his slated releases. Fans expected Drogas Wave some time ago, and were instead met with relative silence. Lupe insists he never made any promises, but that the project and another titled Skulls have long been "in the pipeline." He referred to a Reddit Sub where he bore all his secrets.

Roy and a few other projects hinted at through social media, have been pronounced dead in the water. It seems the elapse of time has driven a few unfinished stencils to the ground. Lupe describes Drogas Waves as a conceptual album that tells the story of an underwater resistance to the slave trade. Lupe promises a mix of raw and pre-existing material on the project.

One thing which seems to create periods of stagnation is Lupe's documented passion for E-Sports. Lupe counts the Street Fighter fighting game as a passion tantamount to finding bliss on the battlefield. Fans expecting the pipeline to quicken its pace will surely have to measure their expectations.