Lupe Fiasco is such a big fan of the late Amy Winehouse that he's developing a whole project inspired by her. It's been almost two years since Lupe blessed us with a new album, his most recent taking the form of Drogas Wave in 2018. The innovative rapper is always looking for ways to elevate his artistry, and it looks like his next full body of work is entering a new territory we've yet to see from the artist. During an Instagram live session with his fans on Tuesday, Lupe disclosed to his viewers that he's been working on a new project based on Amy Winehouse's music. 

The clip begins after Lupe appears to have been giving one of his fans a hard time for asking him what he thinks about Amy Winehouse. "It's funny that he brought that up," he says about the fan. "That's exactly what I'm doing right now. Like this song—this a whole f*cking project." He goes on to apologize to the fan, insisting that he didn't mean to "jump on him like that," before revealing how long this project has been in development. "I’ve been working on this for like…maybe…let’s call it a year? Let's call it a year." It seems he did not give fans a timeline for when they can expect to hear this Amy-inspired music, but hopefully he'll be releasing it sooner rather than later.

Are you excited to hear Lupe's Amy-Winehouse-based project?