Lupe Fiasco was the unfortunate target of a web leak, maybe self-afflicted for all we know. Rumors aside, the leak has forced Lupe Fiasco to reconsider the release date for freshly leaked material. DROGAS WAVE will now premiere officially this Friday on the 21st in lieu of the predetermined date next week.

With the music out in the open, Lupe Fiasco could hardly afford to watch his music grow stale, at least financially speaking. If we've learned anything of late, drop dates are something to consider: try sharing the spotlight with a double-album or something two-years in the making like Astroworld.

Lupe did drop the 1st installment in the DROGAS series in 2017, but it's hard to look past the three-year hiatus his fans learned to cope with (between Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 & Tetsuo & Youth). It's not as if Lupe Fiasco's political rousing saw him blacklisted -- he likely just found something else to fill the time, like a bottomless meme, and the energy we put towards tracing its authorship.

The wait for Lupe Fiasco to drop DROGAS WAVES could have lasted another half decade for all we know. And yet it's true, come Friday Lupe's new music (which is easy to access on faulty channels) and not his antics, will be back in the news cycle. Let that be a lesson to all.