While they're best known as the powerhouses behind acts such as 6LACK, DRAM, Boogie, and Summer Walker, the creative juices of LoveRenaissance (LVRN) aren't limited to the music industry and during a panel discussion at this year's A3C's Festival and Conference in their home base of Atlanta, the young executives revealed that a new television series loosely based on their come up has been sold to an undisclosed entity.

It was Sean Famoso McNichol who announced that the series, tentatively tield Finesse, will be centered around just that.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

"The way we got the deal was through finesse," he candidly added. "But that's what the show is about--creating opportunities like that."

The news was so fresh, in fact, that even fellow partner Carlon Ramong admitted that he didn't know about the deal yet.

"Yeah, we sold it last week," Sean reassured.

The news was a crown highlight of a talk mostly surrounding the ability of LVRN, composed of Ramong, McNichol in addition to Tunde Balogun, Justice Baiden, and Junia Abaidoo, to leverage opportunities and pivot appropriately, lending out key information for aspiring executives in the room. It also adds to the growing empire that the five men have set out. In 2017 they also opened up their LVRN Studios space in 2017, crafting a studio and working space for creators within the city and beyond.