While we're currently in the middle of a superhero movie epidemic, to varying degrees of quality. Though many have grown accustomed to a seemingly endless onslaught of Marvel and DC offerings, every so often, an alternate take on the genre surfaces. As it happens, one of the most original-looking takes on the superhero genre comes from M. Night Shyamalan, who has been enjoying a genuine renaissance off back-to-back successes The Visit and Split. The latter surprised fans upon revealing a connection to Unbreakable, and thus, an M. Night shared universe was born.

Now, a new trailer for the anticipated film has arrived, shedding further details on what looks like an elaborate plot. It looks like Samuel L. Jackson's morally gray "Mr. Glass" plays a prominent role in the events to come; it's always nice when Samuel L. lands a role with substance, as the man's chops are a tad underrated by the critical community. In truth, Glass boasts a stellar cast, with James McAvoy and Bruce Willis reprising their roles as The Beast and David Dunn, respectively.

Stay tuned for Glass, dropping on January 19, 2019.