It's hard to believe that there was a time when the public has essentially washed their hands of M. Night Shamalyan. Despite the fact that the man released The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs as his opening three films, a couple of mid-career duds had critics and fans alike moving on to the next big name. However, his previous two films, The Visit Split, found M. Night once again showcasing the talent that once riveted audiences worldwide. Perhaps it was simply a welcome return to his horror-inclined roots that served as catalyst. Either way, it seems fair to say that M. Night's name is once again ringing bells. 

It seems likely that the director is on the verge of dropping his biggest film yet. After Split was revealed to be a sequel to the Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson-led Unbreakable, many were left marveling at M. Night's most committed twist to date. Now, the Split sequel, and ostensibly final chapter of the unexpected trilogy is upon us, with the first trailer premiering this weekend. Rather than regurgitating the events of the trailer, check it out for yourself below; I will say that the film's narrative looks to have moved in a rather interesting direction.

Being a fan of the director, it's nice to see that M. Night has once again regained his footing in the game. As the #4 trending video on Youtube worldwide, Glass may very well emerge as one of the year's biggest non-Marvel hits. Who'd have thought we'd be looking at the culmination of a truly original "super-hero trilogy" without a costume in sight?