The 15th annual Black List was released on Monday, which compiles the year's most-coveted unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. Among the titles is Blue Slide Park, a biopic about Mac Miller. According to Deadline, the script is adapted from a forthcoming biography of the late recording artist written by journalist Paul Cantor for Abrams Press.

Kyle Anderson and Michael Vlamis wrote the screenplay for Blue Slide Park. The film's description reads as follows: "After his first album topped the Billboard Charts, life was never the same for Malcolm McCormick aka Mac Miller. This is his story of music, love, success, family, and addiction." 

Dale Berman/Getty Images

FADER reported that the Blue Slide Park script is unofficial, so Miller's estate may not have approved the film yet. Back in June, CJ Wallis tweeted about his intention to create "the definitive Mac Miller documentary for his family, friends & fans." Before Wallis even got a chance to start compiling content for this project, Mac Miller's estate and his former manager, Christian Clancy, reached out to him to request that he stall production. While we'd love to see Blue Slide Park come to fruition, getting Mac's family's blessing is undoubtedly a priority. Maybe 2020 will be the year this doc makes it off the Black List and blooms into a respectful tribute to Mac.