TMZ has learned Mac Miller was reportedly dead for hours before his body was recovered by paramedics. The medical practitioners made the assessment on account of physical evidence. Without taking into account the post-mortem examination, we are now being told Mac Miller passed away the morning of September 7th.

Those who accounted for his discovery went to some efforts to hide any evidence of drug paraphernalia, the effects of which did incur a more placid reaction to news of his death. According to local cops, no one can attest to seeing Mac Miller alive the night before, on September 6th. The initial 911 call was reported a "cardiac arrest" upon the assumption the caller was present during the ordeal.

Evidently, the 911 caller who discovered Mac Miller's body believed he might be semi-conscious. TMZ's sources say cops found a tiny amount of white powder when they searched the home. Otherwise, the residence was wiped clean of self-incriminating evidence. The coroner doing the post-mortem examination is believed to be awaiting the results of a toxicology test before completing their report.

Autopsies generally take 4 to 6 weeks to finalize, much to the contrary of what television has taught us. Mac Miller's funeral service will take place later this week, with his body in tow.