"How does it feel to be a white rapper?" -- certainly not an uncommon question for Mac Miller, and it's the one he chooses to open up his self-conducted interview with Mass Appeal. Mac continues to ask himself both the most absurd of questions, and the ones he gets a little more than others.

"Did you listen to Eminem growing up?"

"I think people assume that that was how I got into rap," says Mac, though he maintains he has a lot of respect for the rapper. "The Marshall Mathers LP, I had some good moments with that when I was younger, but didn't really understand the genius of Em until I was like 15, 16."

After that, Mac asks himself the eternal question of humanity's nature -- "How much do we suck?"

"I would like to say a 50/50 rate of suckage across the board," he says diplomatically. "It's like half and half. Half people that are fucking solid, and half people that I don't need to grab a coffee with."

Things only get weirder from there. Mac's new album, The Divine Feminine, is out now.

Watch the full interview below.