While Mac Miller's death was generally attributed to drug overdose, the cause of his passing was never officially confirmed. The rapper is now said to have died due to a dangerous mix of cocaine and fentanyl

The L.A. County Coroner's Office released its toxicology report, which describes Miller's passing as stemming from "mixed drug toxicity." The specified substances were fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

Mac Miller passed away on September 7th in his home at the age of 26. His house appeared to have been swept clean before the police arrived to conduct their investigation.

This news comes after a tribute concert that celebrated his talent and life. Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life included performances by many artists who were close to the deceased. They paid their respects in music and in heartfelt speeches.  SZA was part of the lot: "Without Mac, there would be no me. God bless you, we love you so much, Mac"

Thundercat had some sweet words ahead of the event: "Personally, it's been up and down. Naturally, as it would be, I guess. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, the response to people being able to see who mac miller was. I'm happy he actually affected people like that. That was he was. It's not what he was going for, it was what he was."