The death of Mac Miller still hurts, and many fans find it difficult to listen to his music without feeling a surge of emotions. Especially emotionally-charged projects like Swimming and Circles, albums that found Mac engaging in some of the most personal songwriting of his career. Now, Mac's family is getting ready to release a double-disc vinyl box sex titled Swimming In Circles, which seems to realize the conceptual throughline Mac originally set out to make. 

"Swimming and Circles are a dual body of work, conceived and realized between 2016-2018," reads a statement on Mac Miller's YouTube page. "These are some of those moments. Please enjoy." Those interested in securing themselves a copy can pre-order right here, with the expected ship date listed as December 18th, 2020. In the meantime, Mac's family has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the Swimming and Circles studio sessions that took place in Hawaii three years ago. 

 The clip, which runs a little over three and a half minutes, immediately captures Mac in his element -- which is to say, surrounded by musical instruments and creative collaborators. His playful sense of humor also gets a chance to shine, and from the look of it, he brought no shortage of laughter to the studio. For those who still miss the late rapper, Mac Miller - Making Swimming & Circles (Hawaii, 2017) is a must-watch -- check it out for yourself below. Rest in peace Mac Miller.